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My practice is focused on helping people improve their relationships. I specialize in helping individuals and couples revitalize their relationships, recover from affairs, and in working with clients who identify as sexual minorities. Many clients worry about finding a therapist that can help them manage intense relationship conflict or accept them as they are. I help my clients by using a structured approach that helps them deescalate conflict, reconnect, and really listen to each other’s hopes and dreams. I provide a space that is accepting regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship configuration. I have completed additional training in the area of sexual health and I identify as a sex-positive therapist. This means that I accept others’ sexual practices, as long as the participants consent and feel safe, without moral judgment.

It is my sincere belief as a psychologist that it is important that we have a chance to gather a thorough assessment before proceeding with treatment. I often use psychological assessments to understand your concerns. I believe that a strong working relationship is essential for good therapy to take place and I collaborate with my clients to work on a treatment plan that meets their life goals.

I am a Certified Gottman Therapist and I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy in my relationship therapy work. As a Certified Gottman Therapist, I have received intensive couples/relationship therapy training and completed all levels of Gottman Method training including the certification track. While most of my work is with couples, I also work with individuals using both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and techniques from the Gottman Method.

I am leaving all insurance and EAP panels by April 2021 and therefore not accepting new clients wanting to use their Cigna or Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits at this time.

Please note that insurance sometimes will not pay for family therapy sessions (what couples therapy sessions are usually coded as) and/or the diagnosis code for the concern we might be treating. While it is not possible to know what the specific diagnosis code would be before our first visit, you might want to verify if your insurance would pay for couples therapy and ask them if they will pay for 90847 family therapy and a diagnosis of Z63.0 (problem in relationship with spouse or partner) to understand what your out of pocket expenses might be.

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